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Podravka Linolada Duo Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread


This spread is the finest combination of hazelnuts, milk, and cocoa, which is why it’s a fan favorite. Double the goodness with the combination of hazelnut and cocoa! The great taste is coupled with benefits; cocoa is rich in antioxidants while milk is rich in calcium.

  • Great for bread, filling pancakes, or as a stand-alone dessert
  • Product of Croatia
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The Unbeatable Duo

The Podravka Linolada is a deliciously creamy spread with a smooth texture and sweet flavor. This Linolada Duo mix consists of finely selected hazelnuts and high-quality cocoa. It serves as a great addition to pancakes and sweet snacks, but it can also stand as a dessert on its own.

Podravka Linolada Duo Hazelnut And Cocoa Spread From Croatia 5
Podravka Linolada Croatia 1

Eat It Right Off the Spoon

The Podravka Linolada blend of high-quality ingredients makes for an irresistible and inviting aroma mixed with a smooth texture. This creamy goodness can be eaten as a spread for bread and baked goods, or as filling for desserts. Some even like eating it right off the spoon!

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