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Podravka Grapefruit Ginger Fruit Marmelade


The grapefruit ginger fruit marmalade has been a staple spread for favorite foods across the globe. It’s all-natural, contains no artificial colors or sweeteners.

  • Unique combination bold of flavors
  • Rich, tasty flavor has lead to it’s popularity
  • Product of Croatia
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A Unique Combination

Podravka marmalade is a popular choice for many families in the Balkan area. This fruity goodness consists of fresh and natural ingredients without any preservatives. This specific Podravka Marmalade features a very unique combination of grapefruit and ginger, which is something you won’t find very often.

Podravka Grapefruit Ginger Fruit Marmelade From Crotia 1
Podravka Grapefruit Ginger Fruit Marmelade From Crotia 3

For Real Ethnic Desserts

While grapefruit in itself is an uncommon choice for marmalade, the ginger adds an extra twist to this mixture. When these two fruits blend together, they provide a unique flavor characteristic for ethnic Balkan desserts. The bright color of this marmalade comes from the natural fruit colors.

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