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Podravka Brusnica (Cranberry) Fruit Jam


This jam is loaded with extra little berries that have great power! Not only is it tasty, but it contains no preservatives. Open up a jar of this rich-tasting, ruby-red goodness.

  • Spread on the food of your choice, from pancakes, breads, to even ice cream!
  • Rich and bold flavor
  • Product of Croatia
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A Product of Croatia

Podravka has a long history of providing high-quality jams and fruity products since 1934. As a product of Croatia, every jar of the Podravka cranberry fruit jam contains a touch of the Balkan tradition. Made with special care, this fruit jam provides a rich taste due to extra fruit content.

Podravka Brusnica (cranberry) Fruit Jam From Serbia 3
Podravka Brusnica (cranberry) Fruit Jam From Serbia 1

Cranberry at its Finest

The Podravka Brusnica or Cranberry fruit jam is made of fresh fruit with no artificial ingredients. The Ruby-red color comes from the natural pigment of fresh cranberries, which provide a divine flavor with a unique sweetness to it. The jam can be used as an additional ingredient for cakes and desserts, as well as a regular fruity spread for your morning toast.

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