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Podravka Aronija (Chokeberry) Fruit Jam


This is a natural jam without preservatives and contains a high proportion of aronia. What is aronia? It’s often classified as one of the healthiest plants in the world because of the antioxidants and nutrients in contains. Pop open a jar and try this sweet tasting jam today.

  • Unique jam flavor that is not common in the United States
  • Spread this jam on many foods from pancakes, puddings, ice cream, etc.
  • Product of Croatia
Flavor: Chokeberry
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The Fruit of the Future

Aronija or chokeberry is called the fruit of the future for its unique taste and aroma combined with great nutritional values. This Podravka fruit jam contains a high proportion of aronija, thus providing a truly unmatched flavor traditional to the Balkan areas. This is a very specific and somewhat rare fruit jam originating from Croatia.

Podravka Aronija (chokeberry) Fruit Jam From Serbia 2
Podravka Aronija (chokeberry) Fruit Jam From Serbia 1

Sweet Flavor

The chokeberry fruit jam can be used as a regular spread for bread and baked goods, or as a filling for cakes and desserts. Either way, this traditionally made jam offers a super sweet flavor with a specific fragrance. Its rich flavor will leave a special impression on those who are tasting this treat for the first time.

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