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Granny’s Secret Extra Rosehip Fruit Jam


This jam is made from fruit that is peeled by hand and slowly cooked, which helps preserve as many nutrients as possible while retaining the freshness purity of the fruit. This popular choice is not only tasty, but 100% nature, vegan, gluten, and diary free.

  • Made using the finest ingredients
  • If product crystallizes, please place the jar in warm water
  • Product of Serbia
Flavor: Rosehip
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A Long-Standing Tradition

The Granny’s Secret rosehip fruit jam reflects a strong taste of nature and tradition in the Balkan area. It is known as one of the most authentic Balkan spreads, featuring a smooth texture and a unique rosehip flavor. The Balkan’s grandmothers have used rosehip for decades to make fresh homemade jams and juices.

Granny's Secret Extra Rosehip Fruit Jam From Serbia 2
Granny's Secret Extra Rosehip Fruit Jam From Serbia 3

A Smooth Fruit Butter

This fruit butter makes for a perfect snack for freshening up your day with some unique flavors. It features a strong rosehip essence that is well-preserved by the glass jar packaging. This jam will give your sandwiches and deserts a traditional Balkan aroma known for sweet notes and strong fruity fragrances.

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