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Granny’s Secret Extra Orange Fruit Jam


Granny’s Secret Extra Orange Fruit Jam is full of fruit content, up to 60%, and free of any artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors. There is no rush in producing this jam; many hours go into every jar to produce a world-class taste.

  • Generation old recipe. A classic jam offering a variety of different uses
  • Prepared for the domestic environment using fresh fruits
  • Product of Serbia
Flavor: Orange
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Homemade with Joy

Orange fruit jam is a unique spread common in the countries of the former Yugoslavian Republic. Originating from Serbia, Granny’s Secret prepares all their jams according to the traditional, homemade recipe, just like the grandmothers used to make it. Cooked slowly in a homemade environment, this jam consists of nothing but natural ingredients and homemade love.

Granny's Secret Extra Orange Fruit Jam 3
Granny's Secret Extra Orange Fruit Jam 2

Summer in a Jar

The extra orange fruit jam tastes like summer in a jar. The strong notes of orange provide a refreshing and unique flavor that will turn plain snacks into a real treat. The Granny’s Secret extra fruit jam contains no preservatives or artificial coloring. Its bright color comes from the fresh oranges used to prepare this spread.

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