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Granny’s Secret Extra Fig Fruit Jam


Bringing all of the flavors from the land, this is a spread for any heart’s desire. It’s gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly! The spread is born from the finest, whole fruits packed with 670g of goodness.

  • Add this to any food, including rolls, croissants, pancakes, ice cream to name a few.
  • Cooked at a lower temperature, between 45 and 60 degrees to achieve exceptional quality
  • Product of Serbia


Flavor: Fig
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Extra Fig Jam

Granny’s Secret is known for its homemade quality jams and spreads. Their fig jam consists of extra fruit content, which makes it a very compelling choice. The spread itself has a smooth texture and a soothing consistency, which makes it a great choice for morning sandwiches or afternoon snacks.

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Strong, Fruity Flavor

This fig jam is extremely rich in fruit content, providing a strong and authentic flavor. While jams are traditionally used as spreads for bread and baked goods, the fig jam can be used as a sweet sauce for dessert dishes or a filling for cakes. Either way, it offers an unmatched flavor of fresh figs.

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