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Granny’s Secret Raspberry Fruit Preserve


Great care goes into producing every jar at Granny’s Secret, as each piece of fruit is peeled by hand and slowly cooked. This preserves those ever so important nutrients and the freshness of the fruit. If the product begins to crystallize, place in warm water.

  • These great-tasting fruits are 100% natural, vegan, gluten and dairy-free
  • Great tasting spread that can be used on a variety of foods
  • Product of Serbia
Flavor: Raspberry
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Superior Taste Award Winner

If you’re looking for a spread to give your morning toast a special flavor, the Granny’s Secret raspberry fruit preserve is a great choice. This fruity spread is a reflection of the Balkan tradition that calls for homemade products and sweet aromas. As a product of Serbia, the Granny’s Secret preserves have won multiple superior taste awards, which says a lot about their quality and integrity.

Granny's Secret Raspberry Fruit Preserve From Serbia 2
Granny's Secret Raspberry Fruit Preserve From Serbia 4

Sweet and Irresistible

Made using the finest selection of fruits, the Granny’s Secret raspberry fruit preserve is an authentic fruity spread that will surprise you with a sweet and delightful aroma. This spread will turn your breakfasts into a special occasion. The sweet raspberry flavor goes well with a glass of fresh milk in the morning.

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