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Podravka Vegeta Specialty Seasoning – Original (No MSG)


This original combination of spices and dried vegetables makes Vegeta application limitless: from vegetables and meat to stews and grills, from simple dishes to more complex specialties.

  • Vegeta adds flavour to dishes and gives them a delicious and rounded taste
  • No MSG added
  • Made in Croatia
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Original Recipe Since 1959

This original Podravka seasoning offers the most authentic Vegeta flavor for which this seasoning became so popular. Ever since the original recipe was put together back in 1959, Vegeta has become one of the most important ingredients in Balkan cooking. Almost every home in Balkan area relies on Vegeta to enrich their dishes and add extra flavors.

Podravka Vegeta Specialty Seasoning Original (no Msg) 4
Podravka Vegeta Specialty Seasoning Original (no Msg) 3

Get the Best Out of Vegeta

The Original Podravka Vegeta specialty seasoning is an all-purpose seasoning that does not contain MSG or any preservatives. It will enhance the flavor of a variety of dishes, including grilled meat, chicken, fish, and salads. To get the best out of its flavor, add one tablespoon of Vegeta before cooking and another one during the last five minutes of cooking the dish.

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