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Podravka Vegeta Natur Specialty Seasoning


A natural take on the original and highly popular Vegeta seasoning. The secret is in a huge amount of vegetables: for one packaging (300g) of Vegeta Natur 900 g of fresh vegetables was used.

  • Taste of dried vegtables, herbs, spices, and salt
  • The product contains no flavour enhancers, aromas or artificial colours.
  • A teaspoon (3 g) is sufficient for 250 ml soup, sauce, salad, rice or pasta. Meat and fish sprinkle abundantly on both sides.
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Award-Winning Croatian Seasoning

The Podravka Vegeta Natur Specialty seasoning will inspire the inner chef in you to create new flavors in the kitchen. This traditional Croatian seasoning has a natural aroma that goes well with the majority of dishes, especially meats and vegetables. The seasoning doesn’t contain any additional flavoring or artificial colors.

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Impeccable Flavor and Aroma

This natural specialty seasoning contains traces of a variety of dried veggies including onions, potato, celery, peppers, parsley leaf, parsnip, garlic, and more. The rich combination of spices and fresh vegetables gives this seasoning a refreshing flavor and an irresistible aroma.

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