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Podravka Vegeta Maestro Paprika Seasoning – Sweet


Red Paprika with a sweet flavor and the quality that a Vegeta product is known for. Perfect for adding flavor to any kind of dish.

  • Perfect for soups, meats, stews, grilled meat, and even omelets
  • Backed by the quality of the Vegeta brand
  • Made in Croatia


The Original Maestro Paprika Seasoning

The original Podravka Vegeta Maestro Paprika seasoning has a sweet flavor and a striking red color. This is one of the most popular paprika seasonings in the Balkan region. Podravka has placed their products on the shelves of every home in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Slovenia.

Podravka Vegeta Maestro Paprika Seasoning – Sweet 3
Podravka Vegeta Maestro Paprika Seasoning – Sweet 4

A Long-Treasured Tradition

This paprika seasoning contains a unique combination of red paprika and vegetables, mixed together with salt and herbal spices. It goes well with a variety of dishes, especially the traditional Balkan meals such as stews and goulash. After all, the Podravka sweet paprika seasoning is a long-treasured tradition that makes Balkan food so recognizable.

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