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Todoric Smoked Kraski Vrat Pork Shoulder Approx 1.2lb


The most desirable piece of meat, and also one of the most delicious, is the dried neck. Kraski Vrat Pork Shoulder is named after a plateau called Karst in Slovenia, where the original recipe came from.

  • Made of quality pork cuts
  • Cuts with low fat content
  • Made in The United States
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Recipe from the Slovenian plateau

The production process is unique. After quality meat cuts are selected, the meat is expertly processed and finally dried in cold smoke and gentle breeze. Made of ossified pork neck, sea salt, pepper, autochthonous spices, and herbs. The secret of the aroma lies in the true extent of smoke, wind, and knowledge. There are several recipes for the preparation of this meat delicacy, and this product is named after a plateau called Karst in Slovenia, where the original recipe came from.

Sensual meat delicacy

Serve slightly chilled or at room temperature, thinly chopped to feel the sensual taste. It has a deep smoky flavor and a soft texture. A product that will make every gourmet wish to eat every day. Kraski vrat is served as an appetizer or as an independent deacon for all kinds of occasions. If you are a fan of low-fat meat, the taste of Kraski vrat will leave you breathless. Although most often served on the plates with various types of cheeses and vegetables, or on a sandwich, it will surprise you with its rich aroma in cooked meals, salads, and bakery products.

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Weight1.2 lbs
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