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Sultan Premium Cola Drink

Satisfy your thirst with our crisp cola. Filled with Austrailan mineral water, Sultan uses the finest ingredients imported from various parts of the world. Only natural flavors made up this beverage.

  • Cola that has a light lemon lime aftertaste
  • Less sweet than traditional cola which makes a more refreshing taste
  • Vegan and Halal
  • Made in Austria

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Made of Carefully Selected Ingredients

The Sultan Premium Cola Drink differs from the classic Sultan Cola in its quality and taste. Even though the ingredients are not much different, the premium version offers a combination of modern and traditional flavors for a more unique orient experience.

Sultan Premium Cola Drink 1
Sultan Premium Cola Drink 2

The Benefits of Black Seed

Just like the original Sultan Cola beverage, the premium version consists of bubbling water mixed with black seed extracts. Black seed is a very unique ingredient for a soda drink, considering its incredible history. Known as Nigella Sativa, black seed was an inevitable part of Egyptian people’s lives. They used it as a spice and to make black seed oil. In the last few decades, this ingredient has found its way from Africa and Asia to the Balkans.

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