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Limona Lemon and Lime Carbonated Drink


Carbonated drink that has bold flavors of natural lemon and lime. The after taste is a pleasing slightly sour after taste.

  • Refreshing flavors of light lemon and lime
  • Mediterranean taste
  • Made in Bosnia
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Slightly Sparkling Refreshment

Limona is a refreshing and non-alcoholic drink originating from the Mediterranean. Even though it is a carbonated beverage, Limona is a slightly sparkling drink based on natural lemon and lime juices. Besides delicious flavor, Limona contains real pieces of fruit pulp in every bottle.

Limona Lemon And Lime Carbonated Drink From Bosnia 3
Limona Lemon And Lime Carbonated Drink From Bosnia 4

Great Nutritious Value

The Limona and Lime carbonated drink has a very rich and sour-like flavor. Its first beginnings date way back to 2010 when the unique Limona recipe was first created in Croatia. The company behind Limona, known as Obala Grupa, is also one of the largest beverage distributors in the Balkan region.

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