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Fructal Superior Nectar Strawberry Fruit Drink


Popular flavor that has a thicker consistency and sweeter flavor.

  • Real flavor of strawberry, not like typical fruit juices
  • Higher fruit content than the rest of the Fructal drinks
  • Made in Slovenia
Flavor: Strawberry
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Popular Breakfast Beverage

People in the Balkan area have a strong habit of drinking juice along with their breakfast meal. One of their most common choices is strawberry juice because it provides unmatched refreshment and sweet flavor at the same time. The Fructal Superior strawberry fruit drink has a natural taste without any added preservatives.

Fructal Strawberry From Slovenia 3
Fructal Strawberry From Slovenia 1

Superior Strawberry Juice

The strawberry juice from Fructal’s superior line of fruit drinks has an exceptionally sweet taste with a thicker texture. Due to the thickness of the beverage, it feels as if you are drinking a fresh strawberry smoothie. However, the strawberries are not mixed with anything but water. This great taste and texture is achieved by adding more fruit content to the juice, which is exactly what Fructal did!

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