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Fructal Superior Nectar Pear Fruit Drink


Truly unique flavor compared to the popular juices in the U.S. market. With pears being naturally juicy, this juice does not take away from their natural flavor.

  • Earthy taste
  • Thick consistency and sweet taste
  • Made in Slovenia
Flavor: Pear
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A Glass of Refreshing Pear Juice

The Fructal Superior Nectar pear drink is made of finest quality pears for a distinguished flavor and freshness. The organically grown pears undergo special procedures to create juice that’s rich in vitamins and high in fruit content. This drink is an original product of Slovenia.

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Strong Flavor and Aroma

Pears naturally have a very strong flavor and aroma. Its natural taste often gets lost in the process of creating a juice but Fructal has done what it takes to preserve its natural values and distinct taste. With that said, the Fructal Superior pear fruit drink provides a strong and precise pear flavor, just as if you were eating the fruit itself.

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Weight2.4 lbs
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