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Fructal Superior Nectar Blueberry Fruit Drink


Fructal Superior line contains more fruit juice than regular drinks. Fructal Superior blueberry has a crisp and slightly tarty taste.

  • Thin consistency and refreshing aftertaste
  • Over 40% fruit content
  • Made in Slovenia
Flavor: Blueberry
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Made of Freshly Squeezed Blueberry Juice

This Blueberry Nectar comes from Fructal’s superior line of fruit drinks. The main ingredient of this beverage are fresh blueberries mixed with fresh water and additional vitamins. Thanks to first rate fruit components, Fructal’s drinks have a natural and satisfying taste.

Fructal Superior Nectar Blueberry Fruit Drink From Slovenia 4
Fructal Superior Nectar Blueberry Fruit Drink From Slovenia 2

Outstanding Quality

The superior blueberry drink consists of over 40% fruit content, which is far above average when it comes to natural fruit juices. Thanks to providing great taste and refreshment for years, this Fructal blueberry juice has become one of the most popular European fruit drinks.

Additional information

Weight2.4 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 10.5 in





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