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Fructal Superior Nectar Apricot Fruit Drink


The Superior Apricot drink. This juice is made from fresh Apricots and has a thicker consistency than regular juices.

  • Natural Earthy Flavor of Apricots
  • Sweet taste but still has a vibrant flavor of Apricots
  • Made in Slovenia
Flavor: Apricot
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Superior Quality

As a part of Fructal’s superior drink line, this apricot nectar is one of the finest quality fruit juices on the market. It provides a unique and distinct apricot flavor, known for a very sweet and fruity taste. With such high fruit content contained in one bottle, the Fructal Superior apricot nectar is great for refreshment on the go. You can really taste the musky flavor of fresh apricots.

Fructal Superior Nectar Apricot Fruit Drink From Slovenia 3
Fructal Superior Nectar Apricot Fruit Drink From Slovenia 1

Excellent Flavor

Apricots, also known as Armenian plums, have a very distinct and sweet flavor. Fructal uses freshly picked apricots to create a superior quality drink that offers real fruity flavor and texture. Because of the natural texture of Apricots, this Fructal juice has a thicker consistency to ensure the most unique flavor.

Additional information

Weight2.4 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 10.5 in





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