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Fructal Classic Blueberry Fruit Drink


Freshly squeezed juice made from blueberries. Fructal Blueberry Classic has a thin and light consistency, smooth taste,and a tangy after taste.

  • Taste the true flavor of blueberry juice
  • Does not taste watered or sugared down
  • Made in Slovenia
Flavor: Blueberry
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Sharp Distinct Taste

The Fructal Classic Blueberry fruit drink is a common breakfast beverage in the Balkans. The drink is made of freshly squeezed blueberry juice, originating from Slovenia. It provides a sharp taste that’s even more refreshing if you add some ice to it.

Fructal Classic Blueberry Fruit Drink From Slovenia 2
Fructal Classic Blueberry Fruit Drink From Slovenia 4

Sweet Blueberry Juice

The Fructal blueberry juice is one of their classic juice flavors that offers a strong taste with very sweet tones. Unlike some of their thicker juices, this one has a lighter texture and consistency. A tasty blueberry juice can offer great refreshment during hot and busy days.

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Weight2.4 lbs
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