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Fanta Shokata Elderflower and Lemon Drink


Fanta Shokata has a unique flavor of elderflower and lemon in a carbonated drink. The elder-flower has a pleasant smell and refreshing flavor.

  • Flavors of the Balkan in a Fanta Drink
  • Made in Romania
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Excitingly Fizzy

Fanta Shokata is a delicious soft drink originating from Romania. This light yet refreshing fizzy drink has an extraordinary flavor that combines elder flower with a slight touch of lemon. It is one of the most popular fizzy drinks in Europe, right after the original Coca Cola.

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One of a Kind

Elder flower is a popular herb traditionally used in the Balkan area for preparation of teas and juices. Families that live in traditional Balkan villages regularly prepare natural elder flower juices. These homemade products easily find their way to the modernized parts of Balkan countries. Thus, the Fanta Shokata elder flower flavored drink is quite a regional special!

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