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Donat Mg Mineral Sparkling Water


Donat Mg has healthful effects on your digestion. Its secret is osmotic action, drawing water from the cells of the intestinal wall, and thus increasing the volume of the intestinal content by up to 5 times. This is followed by pressure on the intestinal wall, which triggers movement.

  • Donat Mg clinically proven to stimulate digestion
  • To ensure effectiveness, please read and follow Donat MG’s instructions
  • Do not take if you have alkalosis
  • Product of Slovenia
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Natural Mineral Water

Donat MG is a natural mineral drink with high content of healthy magnesium. Besides being delicious and extremely refreshing, the Donat MG sparkling water provides great health benefits. Its content helps consumers deal with digestion and magnesium deficiency issues. The recommended intake of the Donat MG mineral water is 500 ml per day.

Donat Mg Mineral Sparkling Water From Slovenia 10
Donat Mg Mineral Sparkling Water From Slovenia 9

Straight from Slovenian Springs

The Donat MG mineral sparkling water originates from the springs of Rogaska Slatina in the country of Slovenia. It was first found and presented in 1908, which makes it over 120 years old. This naturally sparkling water is bubbly and transparent. Its texture, along with its great taste, allow for a great refreshment in summer days.

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