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Cockta Herbal Cola Drink


Cokta is the most unique cola from Slovenia. Special natural flavors blended with the subtle dance of caramel, rose hip, a cocktail of eleven herbs and natural CO2.

  • No Glucose-Fructose Syrup
  • No Caffeine and No Orthophosphoric Acid
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A Unique Cola Mix

Cockta is a one of a kind soft drink that contains a combination of 11 herbs. The main ingredient of this drink is dog rose hip, while the second most prominent flavor is lemon. When mixed together, the herbs provide a very natural and distinct flavor characteristic to this soda.

Cockta Herbal Cola Mix From Slovenia 1
Cockta Herbal Cola Mix From Slovenia 2

Product of Slovenia

Cockta is an original product from Slovenia, introduced for the first time back in 1953. It doesn’t contain any caffeine or unhealthy acids that are commonly found in other carbonated drinks. Thus, Cockta became a popular drink for all ages in Europe, especially catering to the youth with their youth-oriented campaigns.

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