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Marcaffe Minas Ground Coffee


Highly quality finely ground coffee beans blended together to make one of Bosnia’s most popular coffees. This coffee is imported from a small town in Bosnian named Kiseljak. Mina’s offers a rich and bold coffee flavor that makes Bosnia known for coffee.

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Fine Coffee Blend

The Marcaffe Minas Ground Coffee consists of high quality ground beans that provide a rich taste and aroma. The Marcaffe Minas beans go through a superb processing procedure that results in a rich and unique coffee taste. No wonder why the Marcaffe Minas Ground Coffee is one of the most popular coffee blends in the entire area of the Balkans!

Marcaffe Minas Ground Coffee From Bosnia 2
Marcaffe Minas Ground Coffee From Bosnia 3

Kiseljak, Bosnia and Herzegovina

One cup of the Marcaffe Minas Ground Coffee contains the richness and the taste of the Balkan culture. These ground beans originate from a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina called Kiseljak. Chatting with friends over a cup of original Bosnian coffee is a big tradition in this small community. Now you have the opportunity to taste people’s go-to drink in the Balkans.

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