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Devolli Princ Caffee Ground Coffee


Devolli Princ coffee originates from Kosovo and one bag provides rich and strong coffee content. The most beloved coffee from Albania. One bag is 500g.

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Coffee from Albania

The Devolli Princ Ground Coffee is the number one coffee choice in Kosovo. This blend of roasted beans provides a unique experience and refined flavor. The unforgettable aroma has made many coffee lovers reach for another pack of the Devolli Princ coffee.

Devolli Princ Caffee Ground Coffee From Kosovo Albania
Devolli Princ Caffee Ground Coffee From Kosovo Albania

Albanian Coffee Tradition

This mixture of selected beans originates from Kosovo, the smallest country in the Balkans. 90% of Kosovo’s population are Albanians who have lived in this part of the Balkans since the 8th century. They’ve built a strong tradition for coffee drinking that is respected to this day!

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